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Hamish Turner

Having completed both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Forestry (specialising in sustainability) Hamish worked in the forestry industry on the East Coast of New Zealand, before moving to the UK and concentrating on project management.

He returned to NZ six years later and while working in Wellington purchased the Home Block vineyard in Blind River with Fiona. The decision to leave the city was easy, and Hamish has been in charge of developing and running the vineyard since its purchase in 2003. His university qualifications and experience in project management standing him in good stead to manage the family property.

In his spare time Hamish enjoys spending time with his Fiona and their two sons, along with restoring classic motorbikes, catching those elusive fish and tinkering with anything that goes "brmmmm".

Hamish Turner


2A Opawa Street, Blenheim 7201, New Zealand



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